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During World Tour 2000, we traveled the world asking hundreds of people in 26 countries "What is the most important thing in life?".  We wondered if there was a consistent thread throughout the world.  Some answers enlightened us, others surprised us, and some made us laugh.  Without sounding too Disney-like, it really is a small world sometimes.   

Here's the documentary film of our journey.

And here are some of the answers - see if any sound like something you would say.


"I don't know what other people think, but for me it is my family and my friends.  If you have for example two friends, everything will be OK. I know people who only care about money, but I don't understand that."


"My family - my mom and pop.  Before maybe friends, but I have no time now."


"For me, it is my family - my wife and daughter and mother and father.  I think we just try to be good in the heart. My dream is when many people in our country come together without problems, we will have good things in the head." 




"First your health, and money of course - and your social life.  But if you fall in love with money when you are young, then when you are 40 or 50, you think 'what have I done - I lost many things".  Better the small things in life."


"A message for the world: use condom.  Everyone should be able to travel anywhere in the world without visa.  I want more respect because no one has my eyes.   My face is the window to my heart - and my soul."


 "The most important thing is health"



"To be a good person as God intended.  We all have the same God - Muslim, Jew, Christian.  We should bring the children together and show them they are the same"


"To be honest and to be a good person.  We are in this life only for a while - it is like a dream  - afterwards we go somewhere, but no one knows where.  So while we are here we leave some footsteps so people remember us - so we must try to do favors if we can.  I hope people all say the same because if they do, there will be no war and no problems.  There will still be some problems, but not between people.  Some people say life is shit - life is hard.  It is not hard - people make it hard.  If we can be good and teach that to our children, when they grow up they will make a better world.  Step by step, generation by generation.  To be good, education is important, but environment is important too - like Confucius or Buddha - they learned thousands of years ago what is important - if you have spirit inside and you learn how to be happy, you can be happy anywhere.   Happy is where you have spirit - like Nirvana.  I say Allah, you say God - whatever.  You name it - it can be called anything."



"They said communism would take over the whole world, but this was very crazy.  They want to say if anyone has a different idea, they must cut off their head.   They want to say that without communism you can't go on - but no - we can go on.  It is necessary to stop the state power against individuals.  Globalization means to develop the freedom of the people and decrease the state.  Internet is the big village.  This is good, but we must be very careful.  If the state or the police or military have a chance to open your email - oh my god!  I believe in my friends- this is most important for me - not newspapers, not the internet - it is necessary to see real people.  We are open for everyone all over the world - you are welcome. Now we have a chance to have freedom, but it is very difficult to change politicians."

"The one pure love - divine love.  We should all love one another and be in balance - not in the past and not in the future."


"It is difficult here because our salaries are too low.  If you have money, maybe it is OK here.  Now our only chance is to go abroad.  In the last ten years one million Bulgarians have gone to the West.  It is a shame, but it is a reality.  We have thousands of years of history, so it is difficult to go away and leave Bulgaria.  We want freedom.  We don't have all of that, but we want that.  We hope maybe in five or ten years..."

"My wife, friends and the environment.  For me it is difficult to separate because I love this town.  Maybe my children will leave some day."


"Getting satisfaction from giving good lessons to my students because this is my profession.  I also think being good to people brings satisfaction in life.  And to have no enemies."


parlimentthruarch.jpg (159988 bytes) Hungary statueparktshirt4.jpg (114589 bytes)


Kristofinterview.jpg (125522 bytes)"To reach inner piece and to understand that everything is from the creator.  Everything has a reason.  For example, I think if I throw a ball to the wall, it will come back.  Maybe we don't have the brain to understand, but the law of Karma tells us something"


Kinga.jpg (117283 bytes)


"I wish everyone to find their own way in life – what is best for them”  


attila.jpg (124853 bytes)

“Groups of people are not important, it is the individual that is important – so be yourself.  It does not matter if you are Jewish or Gypsy or American of Hungarian, but that you are a human being”


  andrew.jpg (137008 bytes)

“People around the world are all very similar, they all want happiness”


This Regis Philbin look-alike was one of the most talkative people we have met.  Like many people, regisphilbin5.jpg (162833 bytes) he was genuinely impressed that strangers from a far away land would be interested in his opinion.  He first said the most important thing in life is to get a good background of education and experience.  To elaborate, he said there are three stages in life:  the first to study and get ready for life, the second to make a good living and raise a family, and the third to look around the world and see what you can do for others.  His piece of advice to others:  "Get to know the world as best you can, know yourself and your place in the world, and find our how you can help the human race."

lady2.jpg (149459 bytes)

"Love one another"



lady4.jpg (143459 bytes)

"Love each other, live in peace with each other and have no wars"



lady5.jpg (138908 bytes)

"We must help save the environment, particularly the rainforest"



lady7.jpg (209222 bytes)
"Peace and happiness to everyone all around the world.  Understand each other, love each other and meet many people – for all nations I wish this"


servasgroupwithflag.jpg (149757 bytes) 

Our Group of Servas friends posing with our promo flag.  



quote.jpg (149974 bytes) Poland squarestatue.jpg (105782 bytes)

adamjazz.jpg (120151 bytes)

"My family, having harmony with others, and sharing my music with people.  More love”.



interviewwoman1.jpg (154897 bytes)

"Harmony and respect for others, care for the environment.  There is more to life than money"



interviewwoman2.jpg (179170 bytes)


"Be yourself - that's all"


 girl3.jpg (123668 bytes)

This girl was a riot.  I originally asked her boyfriend, but before he could speak, she blurted out "Love, of course!"


guy.jpg (122090 bytes)

Her boyfriend was a bit more stoic, his answer "friendship"



guy2.jpg (127839 bytes)

"I think the most important thing in life is to help other people in whatever way you can"



militarykid2.jpg (128025 bytes)"Beer....and girls"  Ah, to be  young again.  These military school kids were hilarious.  militaryband.jpg (130333 bytes)They were in the square drinking beer and checking out all the young girls and rating the miniskirts.


janusz.jpg (144451 bytes)

"Meeting people, communication and understanding"



omandgirl.jpg (125749 bytes) 
Him: "The pursuit of happiness.  Whatever you do, do your best and enjoy it."  

Her: "Understanding"



clockandtynchurch.jpg (151315 bytes) Czech Republic squarefromtower.jpg (162379 bytes)

 man1.jpg (149049 bytes)  

"My woman, peace in the heart, finding good work, and maintaining a good situation"


girl1.jpg (142380 bytes)  

"Getting along with the people around me"


girl2.jpg (148571 bytes)

"Protecting the environment"


 woman1a.jpg (124080 bytes)

 "Health is more important than money"


guys2+3a.jpg (142799 bytes)These guys who run a hot dog stand were a riot.  Their answers went something like:
 "Health and money.  No, wait - money and health.  OK, here it is: money, health, a flat, love, and to be on TV"


peterinterview.jpg (122020 bytes)

"To be lucky.  To find your life's fortune in something.  To find yourself in something"



petrainterview.jpg (142184 bytes)

"Good relations with people.  Make things that make me happy"



radicinterview.jpg (137947 bytes)

"To me it is music.  It can change the way people think and feel"




belvedere3.jpg (165167 bytes) Austria statuerathausesun.jpg (116025 bytes)

This New Zealander was living in Vienna and running the bungee jump kiwi.jpg (139180 bytes)attraction at Prater Park (what a surprise!).  His most important thing in life is "Enjoy yourself, have a good time and be happy with who you are".  If his opinion is widely held in his country, we can't wait until we get there in a few months!


igortania.jpg (164613 bytes)Igor: "To be healthy and happy, to have a good job and to be satisfied with your job"

Tania: "Love.  It includes many things.  Anything that is done with love is OK"


ingmarinterview.jpg (130840 bytes)

"To be happy with yourself and hopefully everything will work out"



mathew.jpg (158640 bytes)

"My family, my freedom, and music"



mathewsgirlfriend.jpg (153701 bytes)

"Friendship, a little to drink, a little to smoke, and to a see a little art"



dirk.jpg (152450 bytes)

"Love and Luck"



peterinterview.jpg (118791 bytes)

"The most important thing is to maintain a constant balance - an even constitution"




stpeterspieta.jpg (142612 bytes) Italy canalgondola3.jpg (127078 bytes)

interview.jpg (167129 bytes)
One painter on the Grand Canal was excellent, his two word answer: "The colors".  Hard to disagree with him in Venice.


artistinterview.jpg (150324 bytes)"Everything is important in life - even the dust, so you must behave yourself.  Be independent and try not to be in a bad situation all the time.  It is important to have someone near to you and to keep in contact with your parents because they are the only ones to tell you some truth.  Have hope."


vito.jpg (145717 bytes)

"Family  and work are the most important things in life"



pepe.jpg (120704 bytes)
"Free time and women.  My advise is to find a job you enjoy, not one to make money"


robert.jpg (158999 bytes)

"Respect for everyone.  It all starts there"



Hussain.jpg (130045 bytes)

"Liberty, Freedom, Security, Peace"




fire47.jpg (154593 bytes) Spain kidwithhat.jpg (135940 bytes)

columbalouis.jpg (129253 bytes)We met this great couple after the parade.  She said her job and career were most important and he said getting married and starting a family.  It was kind of a cute roll reversal.


cornilia.jpg (145531 bytes)   

"Freedom.  To be a good person.  Learn a lot about others" 


ebred.jpg (146837 bytes)

 "Just enjoy life, but with respect for each other.  Respect the environment."



tracy.jpg (136260 bytes)

"We could all use a bit of tolerance.  Too many people take a position and close their mind to everything else"




pyrsphynx2.jpg (118360 bytes) Egypt tutface6.jpg (160858 bytes)


shariff.jpg (137356 bytes) "Education is the most important thing.  The problem in the third world is not only poverty, but also education.  You can see the difference between ignorance and education in this country.  You cannot have a democracy when people cannot even read and write.  They only know what the government tells them on TV and radio.  I have hope this will change, because if I do not have hope, I am not alive."  

shariff2.jpg (188401 bytes) “The most important thing in life is not to hurt anyone because if you do, then you will get hurt.  I believe no pain, no gain.  I believe in God and my family, which is very important.  Oh yes: and love conquers all.” 


walit.jpg (155926 bytes)

“To love life and make a good life and future for me and for my family”



essam.jpg (118311 bytes)
"To stay alive and be well for my wife and my children.  To thank God for my health so I can provide for them and protect them”  


suzanne.jpg (151332 bytes)

“To live with passion.  Develop yourself.  Don’t do things mediocre – do them because you care”



ellen.jpg (160495 bytes)“The most important thing is to be careful.  Don’t get ripped off or taken advantage of – especially in Egypt” (note: she had just been cheated by a papyrus vendor)  



treasury.jpg (159304 bytes) Jordan siqviewna2.jpg (127333 bytes)

abdalah3.jpg (121529 bytes)
"To be happy – to organize your life by your way, with no problems.  The biggest problems in life are the wars, because they hurt normal people, not just military people."

ashraf2.jpg (125981 bytes)"Everybody should love everybody, that’s the first thing.  Second, to have a good future with my wife and child – to teach her to love everyone."


hussain.jpg (146281 bytes)
"The most important thing in life is good luck and a good wife – to have someone nice beside you."


lioncubwithmom4.jpg (180868 bytes) Kenya kids14.jpg (139361 bytes)

"Give children the opportunity to see themselves outside the consumer-based image of themselves imposed by most first world environments. Give them the opportunity to realize almost all they think they absolutely must have has been commercially planted there, absorbed from their consumer environment.  Traveling outside your consumer world gives you a chance to examine your true self without the next media form smoothing your reality with their commercial dream. Go basic, take time and witness the pupation of your true soul emerge from who you have been told you are."

patrick2.jpg (151887 bytes)
"The most important think in life is to discover your purpose in life - having an intention in life that will help yourself and other people."


kwell.jpg (146667 bytes)
"I think most about my family because there is war in my home.  I have not been back to Sudan in 5 years and I have no news of them"


fredrick.jpg (123138 bytes)

"To experience life and learn about people.  To help create a fairer world."



thomas.jpg (122426 bytes)

"To learn for yourself what is important and be a good person to all."



"Health is very important in life, but capital is also important.  You must have money to live because paulfire.jpg (116998 bytes)whenever you are sick or hurt, you can treat yourself or get help at the hospital.  And to get money, you must have a good job - like mine, I am able to meet a lot of clients and make friends. Also to have a nice wife who is able to take care of you and your family.  If you have a nice person to love you, then you can live many years because you don't have to worry or think too much.  To have a nice community - to live without disturbance around you.  Peace is very important - if you have money but the country is not at peace, then you will not be happy.  And finally, when you look up in the sky, to hope there is someone up there taking care of things."

richard2.jpg (108450 bytes)"To be healthy and happy - to enjoy life.  To have good friends and family.  To know what love is.  Love is very important.  To live a long life and have as many experiences as you can - and enjoying them is very important."


"I would say knowledge and understanding, but I don't think it is - I think faith is more important.  rory4.jpg (104248 bytes)It doesn't have to be faith in God or anything, just, for example, that your government is going to get you through and safe and it's not going to collapse on you.  If you haven't got that, you don't have good health - you have nothing.  If you have knowledge, for example that after death there was nothing, you would probably despair of life, so faith is very important.  In fact blind faith actual does get you out of things.  Sometimes it's not the most important thing, it's the only thing."

 "Without health, you can't really do too much.  I think family is very important.  marina5.jpg (108490 bytes)I don't have a very big family, in fact I've only got my mother now.  She is very important since I don't see much of her as I'm quite far away.  Having the good support of friends is important - having a safe little community around you for support.  My friends are a sort of family for me.  I like to be able to do the things I enjoy as well, like this trip.   Being able to have fun and enjoy life, instead of just working  And eating well of course."

"The joanne3.jpg (103944 bytes) most important thing is to do what makes you happy, not to do what you feel you have to do or what everyone tells you to do - as long as that doesn't make someone else unhappy.  To experience as many people, as many cultures as you can - to try to understand how other people think and live and in that way probably make yourself a better person and more interesting as well."


"To have good health, because if I wasn't healthy, I would not be here.  chantel3.jpg (108523 bytes)And there are many other things I couldn't do - I couldn't work, I couldn't go out or enjoy myself -so to have good health is very important.  To have a good family and be able to communicate with everybody. To be happy with yourself, because if you are happy with yourself, you can be happy with others - it will be easier.  To be in a peaceful, free and fair society.  We see when we travel and on the TV that to live in fear is horrible.  To have enough to eat and a nice, comfortable place to live."

bahati3.jpg (116636 bytes) 
"To have good health, a good job and good family.  To have peace with yourself."


lionyawn7.jpg (148852 bytes) Tanzania churchspires.jpg (140784 bytes)

john.jpg (148155 bytes)

"Education and jobs – we are a very poor country and this is the only way to improve our condition."  



japonon.jpg (123965 bytes)"To be together and to find time to solve problems for all, not just for one.  It is difficult in Africa now because some have and some have not, and it is easy for those that have not to see the others.  Technology should be used to benefit all, not just put people out of work."


salem2.jpg (121734 bytes) 

"To help other people in life – Africans, white people, it doesn’t matter."


mahud.jpg (129063 bytes)


"To be healthy and successful in our life and to reduce the level of apathy in the world."

 doorwithguide3.jpg (137628 bytes)


"I don't want to be a big man - just to have a good position so I can provide for my family."




frangi3.jpg (133729 bytes) Mauritius sunset28.jpg (121569 bytes)

jamie.jpg (103252 bytes)

"You should enjoy life, act like brothers, and cause no harm"




jaoctopus3.jpg (149969 bytes) Seychelles granite.jpg (147294 bytes)

jean.jpg (129709 bytes)

"life is good here", but prices are a little high and life is rougher for those without jobs."




women.jpg (163419 bytes) India tajlong5a.jpg (119067 bytes)

hajipt2.jpg (131815 bytes)"Respect is the most important – if you have no respect, you have nothing in life.  If you have no money, then you just do something so you can eat.  If you have a lot of money, it is not possible for you to sleep because you will think where will I put the money?"


dadinterview.jpg (129547 bytes)

“Health is most important – if you do not have good health, you cannot enjoy life”



dungat2.jpg (114412 bytes)
“We need more business so we can have money to start a good family.  But I don’t like to work all night – that is not life – life is to be enjoyed”


"To live together in health, to have a good family, to help neighbors hanuman.jpg (156422 bytes)who are poor.  If you help them they can go to school and get better lives and things.  Some people have many children – for them, please – no more than two or three.  In India we have respect for everything.  Like women, we respect because they can be mother, sister, daughter of someone – or grandmother.   We respect cows because they represent mothers."


rakshmi.jpg (147142 bytes)

"For me the most important thing in my life is my wife."



narish.jpg (145516 bytes)

"Money.  Without money, no life, without money no wife"



guy2.jpg (144837 bytes)

 "business – that I am successful – for my mother too."



"Be happy for the life – that’s the first thing.  Family is very important.  manoosh2.jpg (114019 bytes)All the time they support us, so we support the family.  It is also nice to go traveling somewhere; it’s a very good experience in life.  Everybody has to go and get experience.  It lets you meet all kinds of people.  Then I feel very good because I can learn about other people of earth.  When I talk to them, I get something from them, and they get something from us.  We can change our thoughts and we can care deeply about this earth so maybe we can choose a way of life better"


sadhu71.jpg (138619 bytes)  Nepal  bod11.jpg (138225 bytes) 

pune2.jpg (159857 bytes)
"Health, money and culture.  People in the West should be more aware of poor people.  Nature is important – we have a beautiful land."


bempa.jpg (152450 bytes)"I lose my country.  I love my country, but we have no freedom.  I hope some day, but China is a very big and strong country.  But Dalai Lama has many friends, I hope some day we will be back."


dawan2.jpg (134461 bytes)
"The main thing is my country.  Maybe one day we can go home.  Today many problems.  We are actually eliminated."


int2.jpg (123217 bytes)


"Job, family, to be happy"


int3.jpg (127187 bytes)


"My family and my sources of life"


int4.jpg (113881 bytes)


"Education.  And I think social work is very interesting"


int5rajish.jpg (106770 bytes)


"My girlfriend, my family and my friends"


"Life is very strange.  We cannot take care of all the times of our life.  int7.jpg (130634 bytes)Even when we are, we don’t – it is like a game, some children playing at a game, like football.  We have to help each other – even dogs and birds.  We can say nothing bad about people because we don’t know – we can’t judge because we are all the same.  When I do good, I get something – in this life or the next life – slow or fast.  Karma is very important, but I cannot say what Karma I have – that is for God.   I cannot take my money when I die "

intsedi.jpg (152499 bytes)

"Having a good job and no drugs"



sunil.jpg (141498 bytes)
"To be a good human being. To promote good human values – to try to be an ideal human, as hard as that may be."


nisha2.jpg (151370 bytes)"I think to be a good person also.  Some people say “big person” is important, but really it is to be a good soul.  Also, for me my family is the most important – my son and husband and mother – everyone really."


interviewsteps.jpg (155286 bytes)
"Good karma is the most important thing.  If you help different human beings, you get good karma.  Some people want big house, big car, they don’t know what is real in life."


markusin2.jpg (161660 bytes)
"To get peace.  We have business so we can survive – because if you don’t survive, there is no peace.  Our business is also for artists so they can gain knowledge and be independent."


friend.jpg (149258 bytes)




driftnepalguys1.jpg (153729 bytes)

"Business:  to have a business card so people know you are out there."



driftnepalguys2.jpg (128604 bytes)"To  be happy.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing or who you are, just be happy.  Unfortunately, you need money too or you cannot do anything in this world. Don’t forget where you come from and who you are."


driftnepalguys3.jpg (138545 bytes)
"Save the nature, love the life and be satisfied with what you get.  Nothing more than that."



buddharow2.jpg (165637 bytes) Thailand watonhill.jpg (113206 bytes)

“ Peace of mind.  Some people think that a lot of money is brakint.jpg (123087 bytes) most important, but  I don’t think so – think peace of mind.  We get this with meditation, but it is very difficult because there are many things to think about.  We control our breathing, so we can control our mind so it goes only one way.  Meditation is not only for our religion, but all kinds of people need peace of mind.”


Teen2_WEB.jpg (29482 bytes)


Teens_WEB.jpg (29515 bytes)
"My family"


“In my view, I think we all have the same goal – the same destination – like that song “we are thepinint4.jpg (111909 bytes) world”.  We are humanity - not separate.  Especially I think religion – Buddhist, Christian, protestant, catholic, Muslim – we have the same goal and destination because when we chant and after mediation we pray – “may I be happy and free from suffering and may all sentient beings be happy and free from suffering”. I think it is same as “never end peace and love – like your shirt says.” (note: I was wearing my Nepal T-shirt with those words spelled out)


Waitress_WEB.jpg (22470 bytes)

"Work because work gives you life.   If you don't work, God will not help you.  If you don't move, god will not move you"


Mickey_WEB.jpg (35044 bytes) 

"Most important is my family.  And love - for my family and all people in the world - I hope"



Templesunset5_WEB.jpg (50349 bytes) Cambodia Angreflect2_WEB.jpg (99728 bytes)


vithouy3.jpg (91456 bytes)

"For me I think education is the most important – for the truth and  for the future.  For my daughter especially – if she can learn a foreign language it would be better."


“Everyone should learn about this genocide and Pol Pot by seeing withint1.jpg (181834 bytes) their own eyes.  I think the Cambodian people and the international community needs to punish Khmer for the war.  I think if Khmer Rouge still in government or ministers, maybe they fight again.  I hope international organizations support the Cambodian government for development for future time.  Education and information is very important.”


int2.jpg (151530 bytes)“In Cambodia everything is important because we start with nothing in 1979.  We need health, education, and money.  The salary of the government is low.  Like me, I have $11 per month”




“What is most important is money for my family, especially my baby. tranint3.jpg (95521 bytes) So I work every day from 7 in the morning until 11 at night.  I think for my baby, it will be better in the future because they stop fighting.  So he go to school and get education.  I want maybe one more baby because more than 2 is too much to feed.  We want more tourists to come here because it is safe – no more politics – there are many things to see.”





Kidssanta_WEB.jpg (105078 bytes) Vietnam Market4_WEB.jpg (129879 bytes)



lamint2.jpg (126107 bytes)

"For myself and all Vietnamese people I think for everyone to have  freedom to speak and do what you want and for everyone to have equal life"



hoahnint.jpg (32665 bytes)"A good job is important.  If you have a good job, you have good life – family life, personal life.  I like being able to travel around the world.  I think you can learn many things from different places.  It is a good idea to visit Vietnam.  It is a small country, but beautiful; people are very friendly "


cyclodriver.jpg (105612 bytes)

"The most important thing in life: I don't know"



int2_web.jpg (33566 bytes)
"Most important is to have a good job for my family.  My country is better now – I have my own business and we can do what we like."  


Ivanint2_WEB.jpg (22059 bytes) "Happiness.  Being honest.  Finding someone special to share your life with.  Also, as I've seen here in Vietnam - a country at war for hundreds of years - their ability to forgive and smile and get on with life is amazing.  I think that's the same for everyone."


Interv4_WEB.jpg (17467 bytes)"You must have good friends and relations with the world.  And you must have a good job.  You must work hard and try your best.  You should also travel, if you can to see the different people and cultures and see how beautiful is the world you live in."


Interv5_WEB.jpg (41984 bytes)
"Having good feelings and relationships with people, my family, and my work.  In the past I hated Americans, but when the relationship was made normal, it is OK with me - they are welcome."


Interv6_WEB.jpg (38846 bytes)"My family - to have good relations with my grandparents and parents and children, and good relations wit the neighbors and community.  Money is important, but it is not everything.  The war caused much sadness, but it is in the past.  Now we don't care where someone is from."


Interv8_WEB.jpg (36155 bytes)
 "Most important is relationships with everyone - family, friends, neighbors.  After that, money is important to live on."  We should forget the past"


Interv10_WEB.jpg (37515 bytes) 
"Most important is good feelings of people around the world, and second is job for money.  The past is the past.  We should forget it and welcome everyone."

 Interv11_WEB.jpg (28999 bytes)

 "People need to have good relationships with others because if we do not, than we are like animals.  Also success in my job is important.  


Interv12_WEB.jpg (21764 bytes) 
"Happiness and my family is very important.  I want human happiness for everybody."


Interv13_WEB.jpg (18072 bytes)"There are many things, but in my opinions it is my family.  I live far away, but I must work here in Hanoi.  Vietnamese people are very friendly - we want to make friends with everyone.  We don't care much about the past.  There was bad consequence from the war, but now we look to the future to go forward"


Interv17_WEB.jpg (31927 bytes)
 "My job because it is my future.  I want to get a good education to help my mother and father and young brother.  I was born after the war, so I don't want to think about the past"


Interv20_WEB.jpg (18126 bytes)
"A job is important because many people have no job and are very poor.  But I also like experience, because it will help me in the future."



wat3_web.jpg (186749 bytes) Laos River7_WEB.jpg (76846 bytes)


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"In my life, the first thing is health and the second is family"


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"Most important is be happy - to work hard, be well organized, and to have good ambition."


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"Girls.  The most beautiful girls"


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"To be happy.  to be ambitious about it"


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"The future - I want to have a house" 



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"I like traveling and my job in the tourist industry - I get to meet different people and different cultures and nationalities."



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"According to me, it is happiness.  In Hindu we called it Moksha.  You get it from having strong culture and religion - to keep it alive"  


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 "working - get money for life - food, drink.  I am the only son, so I must take care of my sisters - maybe three or four years I get married.  Also I want no violence"  

Guitar_WEB.jpg (9696 bytes)"Friends.  Because even if you have money, but no friends, it has no meaning.  Like right now, together like this.  We are here and I have no money - just guitar.  I learn this from Bob Marley."


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"I think the same - friends"


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"Friends and girlfriends.  I like people from other countries to come to Bali and make friends - like you"


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"I like to play my flutes with friends"

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"Just to enjoy my life"


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"My family is most important"


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"Whatever you do, be happy.  family is very important too"


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"Take it easy"


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 "Business is important to have money for my family.  I have fishing boat, or hiking, or snorkel, but not many people here now"


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"Most important is thinking about what I like"


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 "It doesn't matter.  Working is important for food and my family"



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"Eating and traveling.  I like to see different things"


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"My family.  Eating and working"


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"Having a good community and family"


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"Be happy and enjoy"


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"My girlfriend"


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"I don't know"


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 "Working - my job"



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"Like my brother say - we need to make money for our family"


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"Most important is being human. Making things easy for people, make a better life and make a dream come true."



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Interv5_WEB.jpg (32262 bytes) "Me making money.  Health is very important - and peace of mind no matter what you do, because money is not going to buy your health, no matter how much you have.  And enjoy what you are doing.  Basically that's what it's all about.  And we're certainly doing that!"


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"Health, then money"


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 "Health and family.  It took me 36 years to realize that.  It's not money, not fun.  You really start to appreciate that when you start to lose them."


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"Making sure my wife and kids are happy in their lives and whatever they're doing.  That they can achieve whatever they want.  I'd like to be healthy and happy.  If I see 75 I'll be happy."



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“At this stage in my life it’s health. It’s not money because you can always get money if you work hard. But you can’t buy your health, so if you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.”


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  "Your health"


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"Staying above ground and enjoying life."



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"To enjoy your work is important.  I am lucky because I enjoy it like a hobby.  I get to meet different people from all over the world."



Interv67_WEB.jpg (22527 bytes) "My family is most important.  That is why I still work.  I am 62 years old.  But I enjoy my work too.  Tourism is not bad.  The coup we have now is not as bad as last time when many people stay away from Fiji.  But when they come, it is a different story altogether when they see we are still very hospitable.  We still smile.  We like our work."



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Catherine: "The most important thing is just to be happy.  How?  I haven't figured that one out yet"




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 Ian: "Happiness.  And treat everyone as you would like to be treated"




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Chris: "To be happy and get everything you really need - so you're not hungry, not worried, not frightened or whatever"



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Scott: "Friends and happiness.  I'd say without friends you can't be happy.  And a nice cold beer."




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"Family is the most important thing.  In everything, the family comes first."




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